Benefit from practical knowledge and experience of Atlassian solutions’ implementations. Opt on an effective and quick application of modern software in your company.  

Why do we promote the use of Atlassian solutions?

Atlassian is a software package, which enhance the work of every team, from small businesses to large organizations. Atlassian tools are cost-friendly, flexible, innovation supportive and at the same time easy to use and to configure.

At Optimatis, we have chosen Atlassian solutions, because they meet the requirements that the digital future places on IT teams. We are an official Atlassian partner.

Reduce implementation and maintenance costs

Increase the speed of implementing changes and responding to the needs of organization

Support internal communication within the company and with its environment

Support ongoing processes, including those complaint with ITIL, DevOps and Agile

Integrate the work of IT teams – developing, implementation, support

Facilitate the realization of innovative ideas needed by the organization

We provide comprehensive implementations and ensure Atlassian solutions’ operational support.

Our implementations are always combined with a thorough analysis of the company’s needs in order to make the most of the software's capabilities.

What can your company achieve with Atlassian solutions?

Requests management

Provide internal customers with fast and user-friendly processes of requests’ registration. Develop self-service modules and possibility to contact using multiple channels such as SMS, Chat and website. Implement IT processes automation and increase their efficiency up to 40%.

IT Service Management

Deliver customer-centric IT services. Introduce Jira Service Management with us and reduce the ITSM system implementation’s costs by up to 80%. Build an IT organization that delivers not only the highest quality of self-service, but also a culture where the customer is the centre of every IT employee’s attention.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

Apply IT Service management (ITSM) techniques to organize processes and deliver services by other areas of your organization. Develop a culture of service delivery in HR, administration, customer service and accounting departments.

jira service management


Integrate the work of development and support departments around the DevOps concept. Improve communication and strengthen a teamwork. Speed up the delivery of new services and applications. Add Jira SM to the currently used Jira Core and see a new quality of your team’s work.

We’ll help you implement Atlassian solution

Automation of IT systems operation

Ensure a quick response to various events in your IT system. Protect yourself from a flood of unimportant information, receive only the critical one. Automatically notify relative services through selected communication channels and automatically initiate the appropriate corrective actions. Collect information to draw conclusions and take preventive measures.

Teamwork support

Create a space for a quick information exchange within a team. Develop a culture of collaboration and exchange of experiences. Ensure speed and flexibility in creating appropriate collaboration platforms, provide security by managing permissions, share various forms of information creation via ready-made templates.

Knowledge management

Create an effective knowledge base, that will support incident and problem resolutions, realizations of service requests. Support the implementation of processes in your organization ensuring the necessary knowledge. Foster a culture of knowledge sharing in your organization.

Project management

Speed up the realization of design works. Organize the workflow and monitor the tasks’ progress at any moment. Give the design team an access to all information and project files. Strengthen collaboration and transparency of ongoing actions.

We have an experience of Atlassian tools’ implementation in companies of miscellaneous operational scopes and from various fields

Gold partner Atlassian Polska - Optimatis

We are an Atlassian partner. What does that mean?

You get the highest quality of services guaranteed.

You are sure of the optimal fit of the tools to your business’ needs.

You have an opportunity to purchase the Atlassian software licenses on preferential terms.

Benefit from our support and experience in implementing Atlassian solutions

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